Unleash the Power of Video Ads with a Fully Proven Funnel

Want me to look at your video ads strategy? Are you running video ads with a fully proven funnel?

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This is gonna be informative and a little long read below and reach out to me if you want me to help you and get a Free PPC audit of your video ads.

Do you know how you can create video ads campaigns in Sponsored Display ads with Contextual targeting? Amazon has launched a beta version.

Contextual targeting:

You can show ads to customers who visit products and categories that you select and similar products. Your ads may serve on Amazon detail pages, shopping result pages, and off-Amazon on third-party websites, apps, and Twitch.

Your ads may serve on Amazon, including detail and shopping result pages.

Category and “similar product targeting” serve ads both on and off Amazon:

You can reach new audiences across diverse contexts on their shopping and entertainment journey both on and off Amazon. When you use the category and similar product targeting, you can reach audiences on Amazon, when shoppers search or view products on product pages. You can also reach audiences off Amazon when shoppers visit content related to your selected category or advertised product.

Category with refinements and product targeting serve ads on Amazon only:

Product targeting allows you to reach audiences on Amazon product pages. In addition, if you’re targeting multiple products sharing common features, you can refine categories with brands, prices, ratings, or shipping status. This allows you to show ads on those Amazon product pages. In both of these scenarios, your contextual targets will only show ads on Amazon product pages.

To launch the campaign, click on create a campaign and continue by clicking on Sponsored display ads. Now here you can create a campaign ad group and also can add it to your portfolio, choose the ad format image or video scroll down choose the product to advertise along with your bidding strategy.

Choose contextual targeting you can target categories Similar to advertised products and Individual scroll products.

Scroll down and choose how you want to be creative with this ad add the Logo, Headline, Image, and Video according to the ad.

Make sure to read Logo, Image, and video requirements as it is not the same as Sponsored Brand Ad requirements.

Amazon also has launched New video metrics for Sponsored Displays to get insight into how much of your shoppers are watching when they unmute or more.

Amazon also has updated another new cool new feature where you can see a sales graph on the home page right below the catalog. It will show you the sales for the last 7 days’ window including Today’s sales.

Look at all the creatives in the post that I am sharing to launch your Sponsored Display Image or Video Ad.

This is something Cool right?

Let’s chat if you want me to look at your PPC get a free PPC audit and see if we are a perfect match or if we can help OR for Amazon PPC services

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