The Ultimate Guide to Amazon PPC Advertising: A High-Level Overview

Amazon PPC advertising is a powerful tool for driving sales and increasing visibility on the world’s largest e-commerce platform. With over 197 million monthly active customers, Amazon provides an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to reach a massive audience and grow their sales.

In this guide, I will provide a high-level overview of Amazon PPC advertising, including the different types of campaigns available, targeting options, and advertising formats from which you can maximize the ROI.

I’m providing Amazon PPC Services with years of experience and before jumping into the types of Amazon PPC Campaigns, I would like to tell you the fact that your business on Amazon is more or less dependent on how effectively you use these Campaigns types. I helped Amazon sellers build 7,8,9 Figure brands on Amazon.

Types of Amazon PPC Campaigns

Amazon offers three main types of PPC campaigns:

sponsored products,

sponsored brands, and

sponsored display ads.

Sponsored Products: Sponsored products are pay-per-click ads that appear in Amazon search results and on product detail pages. Advertisers can target specific keywords, products, or product categories, and pay only when a customer clicks on the ad.

Sponsored Brands: Sponsored brands are ads that feature a custom headline, logo, and multiple products in a banner format. These ads appear in search results and can also be displayed on product detail pages.

Sponsored Display Ads: Sponsored display ads are a newer ad format that allows advertisers to target shoppers on and off Amazon. These ads can appear on product detail pages, customer review pages, and even third-party websites and apps.

With the careful selection of campaign types, It’s necessary to understand the targeting options to lower ACOS and maximize profits from Amazon advertising.

Targeting Options

Amazon offers a wide range of targeting options to help advertisers reach their ideal customers. These include:

Keyword Targeting: Advertisers can target specific keywords that shoppers are searching for on Amazon. They can also use negative keywords to exclude irrelevant searches.

Product Targeting: Advertisers can target specific products or product categories on Amazon. This can be a powerful way to reach customers who are already in the market for similar products.

Interest Targeting: Advertisers can target shoppers based on their interests and shopping behavior, such as past purchases or browsing history.

Demographic Targeting: Advertisers can target customers based on demographic information, such as age, gender, and income level.

Advertising Formats

Amazon offers a variety of advertising formats to help businesses showcase their products and reach customers on the platform. These include:

Product Ads: Product ads are the most common type of Amazon PPC ad. They feature a product image, title, price, and rating, and are displayed in search results and on product detail pages.

Brand Ads: Brand ads are a newer ad format that allows advertisers to create a custom banner ad featuring their logo, multiple products, and a custom headline.

Display Ads: Display ads are a larger, more visual ad format that can be displayed on product detail pages and other areas of the Amazon website.


Amazon PPC advertising can be an incredibly effective way to drive sales and increase visibility on the world’s largest e-commerce platform. By understanding the different types of campaigns available, targeting options, and advertising formats, businesses can create successful Amazon PPC campaigns that reach their ideal customers and grow their sales.

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Waseem Sikander

Founder & CEO of AMZ PPC Solutions

Waseem is helping 6, 7, 8, and 9 figure Amazon sellers lower ACOS and increase PPC sales.

Waseem Sikander has been doing Amazon PPC for more than half a decade. He’s working with Amazon sellers to scale Amazon PPC sales systematically.  Waseem has a wide range of Amazon PPC experience. He has worked with sellers brand new to Amazon all the way up to 9 figuring out Amazon brands and everything in between. He has helped these brands systematically lower their ACOS and increase PPC sales. To schedule a call

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