Seller Assistant App

Introducing Seller Assistant App – a powerful Amazon product research tool that simplifies product search and analysis. This chrome extension features an FBM & FBA Profit Calculator, Advanced IP Alerts, Quick View, Stock Checker, and Restrictions Checker all in one, helping you find high-profit products easily. It is a great tool for Online Arbitrage, Dropshipping, and Wholesale.

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Seller Assistant App Main Features:

Valuable Product Information

ASIN, BSR, Category, Product Dimensions, Size Tiers, Model, Price dynamics etc.

FBM & FBA Profit Calculator

Helps calculate ROI, profit margin, break-even point, FBA Small & Light profit, targeted ROI, and minimum price for Amazon Repricer.

Competition at Glance

Shows offers list, FBM and FBA offers, competitors’ prices and ratings, and FBM and FBA lowest prices.

Custom Notes and Data

Create notes, leave likes/dislikes. Available on the Amazon Product Pages, Search Pages and Seller Central Inventory Pages.

Advanced IP Alert

Unique Intellectual Property Claims Alert System that automatically collects account health issues on a daily basis and keeps you informed of any potential intellectual property issues.

Restrictions Checker

Will alert you to any HazMat, Oversize, Meltable, Fragile and Adult flags. Available on the Product and Search pages.

Sales And Profit Estimator

Provides total product sales estimator and competition-based profit and sale estimation.

BSR Graph and History 

Integrated BSR graph shows BSR Drops and average prices for 30, 90, and 180 days.

Variation Viewer

View product variations and percentage of reviews per variation.

Google Sheets Export Support

Export and customize more than 80 variables in one click.

Lookup links

Search on Google, Google Shopping, eBay, Walmart, Target, Webstaurant, Katom, The Home Depot, and Alibaba. Quick links to Product description.

Quick View on Search Pages

Provides ASIN, BSR, category, FBM & FBA offers quantity, number of FBM & FBA offers, likes, notes, and source links, IP-Alert, and Restrictions Checker.

Fees and Expenses

Includes referral and FBA fees, customizable 3rd-party logistics costs, and VAT schemes.

Stock Checker

Allows users to check total product stock currently available, see stock available by seller type.

Bulk Restriction Checker

Check restrictions on a list of ASINs and receive a report in your Inbox.

Sub-Account for VAs

Create sub-accounts for employees and virtual assistants.

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