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Successful Clients Stories
From the First Day of Consultation

$73,376 Dollars (USD) Increase in Profit in less than 4 months - Client success story.

6.7 Increase in RAOS (Return on Ad Spend)

ACOS Improved from 41% to 23%

(Our Target ACOS was 30%).

AMZ PPC Solutions is the Growth Engine for Your Brand on Amazon. AMZ PPC Solutions is the best ever Amazon ads management agency you will hire for your Amazon PPC.

Look at the attached results.

Running an Amazon store can be a lucrative business, but it can also be a source of stress and anxiety. With so many variables to consider, such as inventory management, pricing, and advertising, it’s easy for sellers to become overwhelmed and frustrated.

That was the case for one Amazon seller who was struggling to make a profit, but everything changed when he started working with me (Waseem Sikander).


I am an Amazon advertising manager with years of experience helping sellers by managing their Amazon PPC (Ads). Working with me (Waseem Sikander) can be a game-changer for Amazon sellers who are struggling to make a profit. With my years of experience and personalized approach, I (Waseem Sikander) can help sellers increase their profits, and reduce their stress and anxiety.

The seller who hired me (Waseem Sikander) is proof that with the right partner, anything is possible.

Do you need help with your Amazon PPC? If so, send me a direct message, and let’s chat

11% Increase in Profit, Lowering ACOS to 23%​

Client success story. ACOS Improved from 37 to 23% (Our Target ACOS was 30%). 11% Increase in profit and 7% decrease in TACOS. This Amazon seller went from $36,000 per month in Amazon PPC sales at a 37% ACOS and at a 19% TACOS with 13% in profit. TO $93,000 per month in Amazon PPC sales at a 23% ACOS and at a 12% TACOS with 24% in PROFIT within 3 months. Moreover, we achieved an extra 12% profit this year in Dec-2022 than last year Dec-2021 with lesser SKUs by spending Half of the spend than last year.Last year Dec-2021 client made $108,125 in Amazon PPC sales and spend was 42887 at a 39.66% ACOS and at a 17% TACOS with 12% in profit.This year Dec-2022 client made $93,595 in Amazon PPC sales and spend was 21838 at a 23.33% ACOS and at a 12% TACOS with 24% in profit.

Look at the attached results. Do you need help with your Amazon PPC? If so, contact me!

Saved an amount of USD 13,000 & 16,000 in wasted Ad spent for one of our clients by providing Free PPC audit

I was asked how does AMZ PPC Solutions advertising agency can add value to PPC for any client.

At AMZ PPC Solutions we offer a free PPC (advertising) audit to our new clients.

We do provide the plan of action according to the data provided by the client we requested.

If a client gets agrees to work we send them our proposal they sign and we start working together. 

We offer full flexibility to our clients because our goal is to build a long and strong relationship.

We at AMZ PPC Solutions advertising agency are taking more clients to grow their brands on amazon from one tier to the next tier.

Do you have a PPC strategy or do you want us to take over your Amazon brand to grow it more rapidly with our proven methods?

From 100+ ACoS to 36.61%

How wanna know? Onboard a client with 100+ ACOS and brought it down to 36.61% while maintaining sales. Do you know Brand owners suppose to not manage Amazon PPC for their brand? As an Amazon Seller, you have always so many issues to worry about.
Why???? Your business needs effective, full-time focused management of Amazon PPC, Organic positions for being visible to Amazon customers that came to buy. But you’ve been in business long enough to know that if you don’t do it on a world-class level your competitors will. Don’t let them do that. You can’t be the Data Scientist, PPC manager, Listing troubleshooter, and grow your business at the same time.

Are you a brand owner? Do you have a PPC strategy to grow your brand to take it to the next level? Let me have a look into your PPC campaign to provide some value able suggestions.

AMZ PPC Solutions is the Growth Engine for Your Brand on Amazon.

“Are you tired of losing money on Amazon PPC ads and seeing no return on investment?
You’re not alone.
Many businesses struggle to navigate the complex world of Amazon advertising and it can be incredibly frustrating and stressful. But obviously, there is hope.
If you are a brand owner you should not manage Amazon PPC instead you should work with me to make your Amazon PPC Profitable.
One of my clients was at the end of their rope when it came to Amazon PPC.
They were losing money on ads and seeing no results, and the stress of it all was starting to affect their personal life.
But that all changed when they reached out to me at AMZ PPC Solutions, my Amazon advertising agency.
With my help, the client was able to turn their Amazon PPC campaign around.
I worked hard and sharp to optimize their ads, targeting, and bid strategy, resulting in increased profits and a much better return on investment (ROI) And best of all, their personal life improved as well.
At AMZ PPC Solutions my Amazon advertising agency, I understand that good results are important, but it’s not just about the numbers.
I also make sure my clients are able to have a good time with family and happiness.
So if you’re tired of losing money on Amazon PPC ads and not getting the results you need, reach out to me.
I will work with you to turn your campaign around and get you back to a place of profitability and peace of mind.”
Let me know if you need help with Amazon ads (PPC) let’s chat 💬….
Amazon sales

31% Increase in 7 days

One of our client was struggling with sales as he was trying to manage his own account but got in touch with us, We rank keyword research, competitive analysis and got his account in the winning position. 

Stop trying to run your business by yourself.
You always need an expert to grow your business.
No matter sometime it went down and sometime up.

Own a 7-8 Figure Business on Amazon

Our expert teams will help you to reach your business’s full potential just within months, All we do is push a data-driven strategy on your Amazon accounts and let our experts play with the Amazon algorithm.
We are trying our best to educate people to improve their financial wealth and fulfill their dreams to find an excellent future career.

amazon sales 2

We are here to put your mind at ease

ACOS decreased from 100 to 34%.

PPC orders increased from 46 to 200 units per month.

At the moment they’re more focused on their leaning and killing ACOS with their solid strategies.

amazon sales 3

Take Your Chunk From Trillion $$$

Amazon is a trillion-dollar company and we try to do our best so that our clients can get maximum ROI from our work.
We did deep keyword research, listings optimization, Enhanced brand content, and managed PPC campaigns. Removed negative keywords and BOOM!

Single product makes more than 10k $ each month with 25% margins

My clients became happier than before when they starts achieving their goals.
With our strategy of dealing with AMAZON FBA, This is only 1 product that makes more than 10k $ each month with 25% margins in 2021 nearly crossing 200K $ in a year.
Sales still going on with consistency.

amazon sales 4

Now you got trust in us!

Backed with experienced teams and dedicated people, we would love to manage your amazon business and if you’re dealing with any kind of problem-related to your listings, or account health, we are just one message away.