I help Amazon Sellers with Profitable PPC, grow with strategic PPC, increase PPC Sales with Lower ACOS / TACOS

I do this by taking a data-driven approach to PPC to generate a record-breaking returns with minimal ACOS

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Recent Case Study

11% Increase in Profit, Lowering ACOS to 23%

Client success story. ACOS Improved from 37 to 23% (Our Target ACOS was 30%). 11% Increase in profit and 7% decrease in TACOS. This Amazon seller went from $36,000 per month in Amazon PPC sales at a 37% ACOS and at a 19% TACOS with 13% in profit. TO $93,000 per month in Amazon PPC sales at a 23% ACOS and at a 12% TACOS with 24% in PROFIT within 3 months. Moreover, we achieved an extra 12% profit this year in Dec-2022 than last year Dec-2021 with lesser SKUs by spending Half of the spend than last year.Last year Dec-2021 client made $108,125 in Amazon PPC sales and spend was 42887 at a 39.66% ACOS and at a 17% TACOS with 12% in profit.This year Dec-2022 client made $93,595 in Amazon PPC sales and spend was 21838 at a 23.33% ACOS and at a 12% TACOS with 24% in profit. Look at the attached results.Do you need help with your Amazon PPC? If so, contact me!

Most Amazon sellers make at least $1,000 per month in sales, and some super-sellers make upwards of $250,000 each month in sales — that amounts to $3 million in annual sales!

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Let’s help you build your multi-million dollars Amazon business

PPC Management

The finest outcomes for our clients are our ultimate goal. We make sure clients receive a ROAS that is greater than they anticipated for every pound or dollar they spend.

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Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP

Be realistic with your amazon business

See how your business is performing in terms of growth


At AMZ PPC Solutions, we help maximize brand revenue with our strategic PPC campaigns


By market information and retargeting audiences, we work to increase your brand’s visibility 


Our Amazon PPC service increase a brand’s market domination with favorable impact


Reaching the target client on the e-commerce platform is made simple with our strategy Amazon PPC

To whom we follow Our Mentor

Sean Smith

Co-founder & CEO at PPC AMS Accelerator

Sean has helped many Amazon Brands in PPC lower their ACoS increased profitability. He has helped Amazon brands and consultants systematically lower their ACoS and scale PPC sales.
We follow him and apply his techniques and expertise to achieve astonishing results. His strategy helped us boost sales and revenue.


Podcasts with people who are doing amazon successfully

about our company

Amazon PPC Management Agency

In the last year, we helped more than 70 FBA Brands in USA, UK, UAE, KSA and counts still going on. Our team comprises of people from industry experts and have years of experience. We work for our clients business growth and help them build their own brands on Amazon. Proper knowledge and expertise is what differentiate us from our competitors. Currently, we are working with 20+ different Amazon accounts.

Our we deliver results

Setting goals for optimising your ad content

Goal setting is the most crucial thing in term of ads and we do this by keeping in view out clients problems

Strategising Amazon PPC and your ad spend

Next, we strategize ads for PPC so that we can get maximum return on investment(ROI) with minimal ACOS

You will get increased return on investment (ROI)

We make sure for every penny and dollars that you spend, you get a return on advertising spend that exceeds the expectations

our numbers

Helped Amazon sellers drive performance improvements

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brands launched

We have worked with different clients and launched their brands on Amazon in USA, UK, UAE marketplaces

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Brand helped

We helped brand a to launch and grow on Amazon even in the most competitive environment

We do things that really matter.

Working with multiple clients and to come up on their expectations have set our values

Diverse Approach

We generally believe on data driven approach but in amazon business you face a new issue each day, so we have diverse approach to tackle them

Professional Team

To take amazon sellers to the next level, we got a team of professionals that serve their businesses with dedication

Expert Advice

We believe in the success of our clients and consider a part of our faith to give them an expert and practical advice, so they can thrive in their lives

Result Based

We make strategy based upon data and take further decision based upon result so do not lose a penny


What Our Happy Clients Say

Here are some of the kind words from our clients which encouraged us to do more

"Vestibulum morbi blandit cursus risus at ultrices. Tristique sollicitudin nibh sit amet! Siverra lectus mauris ultrices eros in. Eget egestas purus viverra accumsan in nisl nulla nisi scelerisque sed risus ultricies!"
Elle Aasen
"Vestibulum morbi blandit cursus risus at ultrices. Tristique sollicitudin nibh sit amet! Siverra lectus mauris ultrices eros in. Eget egestas purus viverra accumsan in nisl nulla nisi scelerisque sed risus ultricies!"
Isa Holmgren

General Questions

Potential shoppers can see your product in a variety of ways on Amazon Advertisement. The most common techniques, such as Sponsored Products ads, Sponsored Brands ads, and Sponsored Display ads, can cost anywhere between.50 cents and $3 per click, providing your company with a variety of chances.

Since Amazon is the biggest online marketplace, you should think about using it if you sell well-known and distinctive goods. We specialise in using a tried-and-true strategy to help businesses grow their revenue. We assist you in making the most of a platform that has the potential to reach more than 300 million consumers with your products.

As a PPC agency, our goal is to effectively expand our customers’ businesses through data-driven marketing using Amazon PPC.

Beyond only PPC management, we frequently provide value and assistance to our clients. We exclusively work with a small number of carefully chosen clients at a time.

Ensure proactive dominance by bringing win-win survival solutions to the table. Final thought: Think Ahead


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